YouTuber builds a gaming PC out of a working toilet

A YouTuber has built a PC from a working toilet, creating what could be the first toilet that can both handle your waste and play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In what world are we living !

As spotted by Eurogamer, YouTuber Basically Homeless has struck a deal with electronics store Microcenter to create a gaming PC inside a real toilet, complete with all the plumbing and water that goes with it. It’s a wild thing, but not surprising. You see, since we have toilets and video games, many have tried to combine them. Even I heard that siren call and tempted to poop and play at the same time. Countless others do this by playing games on their phones.

But basically homeless people didn’t want to just bring a switch or a phone or even a Steam Deck into the bathroom. Instead, he wanted to create a setup that would allow him to play 120Hz FPS shooters with a mouse and keyboard while sitting on a toilet. And in his video documenting the whole processI was shocked by both the end results and the lack of planning.

Essentially homeless

The way this thing works is that one half of the tank holds all the toilet bits and bobs with the water. Then he built a “wall of water” out of Plexiglas and glue. On the other side of the wall are all the parts of the computer. The idea was to keep them separate, allowing you to flush the toilet while playing games. Additionally, a fan is built into the lid to help keep the PC cool.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the first time he connected the toilet to the water supply, his hacked “water wall” failed and he ended up having to use an entire box of Flexseal inside the tank to protect the precious electronic components of the PC. However, now that he’s got everything working (including the RGB lighting), the finished PC/toilet hybrid looks oddly impressive. Thanks to a large cutout in the front, you can see both the toilet in operation and the PC in operation.

According to Basically Homeless, he had to learn basic plumbing and how to cut porcelain to create this weird PC. The end result is both a conversation starter and a man who can now fix his own toilet. Truly a win-win situation.


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