Xbox Game Pass soon loses five more games

Curse of the Dead Gods

Curse of the Dead Gods

You seek untold riches, eternal life, divine powers – it leads to this cursed temple…

– A skill-based roguelike exploring a cruel and dark temple of endless rooms and corridors
– Swords, spears, bows, guns – wield them and many more
– Unique curses influence every attempt, putting a twist on every action
– Dozens of enemies, with powerful champions and deadly bosses to face

Boyfriend's Dungeon

Boyfriend’s Dungeon

Date your weapons! Level up your romance in this shack-and-slash dungeon crawling adventure.

Ruina Library

Ruina Library

“May you find your book here.”

Become the owner of the Library and receive your guests.

Your librarians will fight for the Library.
The fight between the guests and the librarians erupts as if on stage.
The defeated guests turn into books and the library grows.

A good book will allow you to invite new guests with bigger secrets.
Amass a collection of books and explore the secrets of the city.

And finally, get your hands on it…
The only singular and perfect book.

[A Library Battle Simulation]

Library of Ruina is a game that uses the concept of “Library Battle Simulation”.
You’ll invite guests to the library and engage in a battle with them to win “books” with their stories.

Battles are played with ‘librarians’ and ‘guests’ using cards and dice.
You can plan guest moves by looking at the cards they will use and select the most optimal card to oppose.

When the fight begins, the dice roll of the card you have chosen will determine victory or defeat in the fight.
However, the outcome of the dice is not simply determined by pure luck.
Certain effects and variables will modify the result of the dice for and against your favor.

Be sure to choose carefully which cards you use to win the battle with your guests.
See the outcome of your choices and how the luck unfolds as your librarians and guests compete.
You can have an exhilarating experience, putting it all on the line with thrills, just like betting.

[Conflicts that Build Emotion]

Library Showdown isn’t just about killing your enemies, it’s about increasing emotions.
The emotions of the librarians and guests increase as the battle progresses, and as it gets fiercer and reaches a climax, they will increase.

Depending on your librarian’s feelings, positive results or powerful effects with penalties may occur.
In addition, as the emotional tension of the guests increases, the difficulty of the fight increases, but at the same time, rarer books can be acquired.
In addition, dialogues may appear depending on the battle situation and will make the match viewing experience even more enjoyable.

[Books Can Be Anything]

A guest who dies in the library will turn into a book.
These books can be a librarian’s body, materials to expand the library, or new cards for combat.
You can also use books as part of an invitation to invite another guest.

Invite different guests to acquire various books and then use them accordingly.
How you use your collection to grow the library is up to you.

[The Story of the City and the Library]

In Library of Ruina, you will witness the stories of Angela, the Sephirot, and Roland after the end of Lobotomy Corporation.
You will also attend various events taking place in the huge city in which the library is located.

Accumulate books to grow your library and librarians, and invite more powerful guests to get better books.
From humble ducks to urban legends and beyond…
Throughout the game, you will gradually become familiar with the history of the City.

May you find your book here…

Are you going to start any of them? What do you need to complete before they leave Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments!


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