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WATCH | Green meteor blazes across Oklahoma’s sky, people wake up to sonic boom

The cameras installed in the doorbells of residents captured a celestial light passing through the night sky which appeared like a meteor in Oklahoma, United States. 

According to the footage shared on social media platforms, a green meteor is seen flying through the sky like a blazing fireball as residents reported that they woke up to a sonic boom that they heard in Friday morning’s early hours. 

Fox 23 meteorologist Laura Mock shared the footage captured in her dashcam on Twitter. In the video, a bright green blazing meteor is seen passing through the sky.

Meanwhile, various residents also shared videos of the meteor on social media platforms. Some even reported that they felt their house shake when the meteor passed. 

The footage captured in the doorbell camera is being widely shared on social media and is attracting comments from netizens across the world. One user said it was, “Optimus Prime’s return,” while another commented, “I told you Hogwarts is real.” One user wrote, “That’s Superman.” However, an inquisitive user quizzed, “Where it landed though?”

However, an official statement was released by the National Weather Service in Tulsa on Twitter after it was sent multiple reports on the appearance of a meteor in the night sky and stated that it was spotted by a lightning detector over Wagoner country. 

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“We have received multiple reports this morning, including videos, of a meteor that occurred over northeast Oklahoma this morning. This was detected by the Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) shown as a blue dot over Wagoner county,” the department wrote. 


According to the meteorologist, an explosion of the fireball took place in the atmosphere which led to a sonic boom that woke up the civilians.

(With inputs from agencies)

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