Virginia delegate charged with damaging neighbors’ property – NBC4 Washington

A Loudoun County couple accused a Northern Virginia lawmaker of damaging their property over the weekend.

Chris Curfman says she and her partner have had a longstanding dispute with Del State. Dave LaRock on using a road that crosses an easement area owned by Curfman that leads to LaRock’s home. It is one of the two roads that lead to his house.

Recent video shows LaRock removing private property signs from Curfman’s fence. Next, LaRock dismantled posts on which security cameras had been mounted.

“It appears to be criminal behavior,” Curfman said. “If you read the code, there’s nothing in an easement that says you can take and destroy property.”

But LaRock defends his actions, saying a neighborhood convention prohibits any signs except real estate signs. Another agreement gives him the right to maintain the easement road, so he says the poles might get in the way.

“The matter is in my hands,” LaRock said. “I actually took a hands-on approach to solving it. When I have an agreement with him that says I can remove something, then doing it myself is a perfectly legitimate way to approach it, and that is the question as I see it.

In 2020, LaRock faced criminal charges for trespassing and for tearing down a gate that crossed the road. He was found guilty of one charge by a lower court, but was cleared on appeal.

After the latest incident, Curfman and his partner pointed to a ‘good neighbor settlement’ with LaRock that states he should primarily use the other road leading to his property, but they say he encourages contractors and visitors to use the service road instead.

“We just want him to leave our business alone and leave us alone,” Curfman said. “We want to enjoy our property and we want other people not to use this property when they’re not supposed to.”

LaRock – a conservative Republican – accuses Curfman of trying to antagonize him by displaying rainbow flags along the road.

“Maybe she just wants all of our guests to know that they support the LGBBT community, or maybe she does it because she thinks it bothers me,” he said.

LaRock said his next move is to take legal action to try to enforce his understanding of the use of the road.

Curfman called the sheriff’s office.

LaRock’s house is currently for sale.


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