Tory Lanez’s Family Rages Outside Courthouse After Guilty Shooting Verdict

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Tory Lanez‘s father is blowing a gasket after watching his son’s conviction in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting trial … directing his anger at cops, prosecutors and even Jay-Z.

Ya gotta see the video … Tory’s father launches into an epic rant outside the courthouse where his son was hauled off to jail, railing against the justice system.

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Tory’s dad is obviously taking issue with the lack of physical evidence presented at trial … and he’s also no fan of Jay-Z.

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It’s unclear why Tory’s pops is pissed at HOV … but Meg is signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Tory’s stepmom is also upset … and his family says the case isn’t over, so it sounds like they want Tory’s legal team to file an appeal.

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JULY 2020


As you know … Tory was convicted Friday of all three charges against him, and he’s facing more than 22 years in prison, and we’re told the Canadian may be deported.

Tory’s parents were also steaming mad inside the courtroom … they screamed and hollered, claiming the court system was evil before being escorted outside.

Tory will not be sentenced until Jan. 27 … but it’s safe to say the holidays are ruined for his family.


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