Samsung Galaxy A23 5G had a mysterious issue that caused camera problems

Last updated: December 23rd, 2022 at 07:55 UTC+01:00

If a new report is to be believed, then Samsung has drastically revised its shipment target for the Galaxy A23 5G for this year. Notably, the South Korean giant has dialed down the Galaxy A23 5G shipments by a whopping 70%.

Earlier this year, Samsung was planning to ship around 12.6 million units of the Galaxy A23 5G and 17.1 million units of the Galaxy A23 4G. However, the revised shipment target for the Galaxy A23 5G for this year stands under 4 million units. Well, the reason, as reported by TheElec, has something to do with the “mysterious and undisclosed issue” with this specific model.

Before the revised shipment targets, the total shipments would have been 30 million units for both the 4G and 5G models of the Galaxy A23, which is around 10% of Samsung’s annual total shipment.

Samsung conducted a month-long investigation aimed at solving the “mysterious and undisclosed” problem that caused a serious issue with the handset’s operation. This change in shipment number was also due to the fact that the company had to change its preferred development partner. Earlier, Sunny Optical was chosen to be the developer of the 50MP primary camera with OIS on the Galaxy A23 5G. For the 4G model, Partron took up the same work.

Sources reveal that the issue caused other components of the phone, such as the camera, to perform poorly. Although the problem is now resolved, Samsung wants to cut down on the production of the Galaxy A23 because of the headaches it caused. So, the company is now planning to ship only 5 million units of the Galaxy A23 5G in 2023.


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