Round Up: Reviews Are In For Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive
Picture: Bandai Namco

While last week most of the attention was focused on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 within the Nintendo community, Bandai Namco has also ultimately published Digimon Survive – a unique blend of strategy and visual novel gameplay.

Reviews have admittedly been a bit slow to appear online, but there are now enough to share a roundup. Nintendo’s life was also able to rate the game and thought it was a great experience – awarding this new title Digimon 8/10 stars.

With that out of the way, what did other outlets think? Here’s a roundup of some of the reviews so far:

pocket tactics also gave it 8/10 – and while he enjoyed the game, it didn’t quite scratch the Digimon “itch” quite like World Games. Saying that, he still thought it was a “really impressive” game:

“The vibrant colors, dynamic soundtrack, and suitably dark story make Digimon Survive a truly impressive game. It doesn’t quite scratch the digital itch I have for the series like the World games do, but it does what it sets out to do fantastically.”

PlayStation Lifestyle gave the game 7/10. He enjoyed the story, the combat system and the graphics, but could not overlook other things:

“While less successful than Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth, Digimon Survive has the workings of a cult classic primarily for Digimon fans. The story, despite some obnoxious characters, explores a darker reinterpretation of the original series to its favor, and combat The system is executed moderately well for as simple as it is.The game’s art style and music also have their moments from composer Tomoki Miyoshi and artist Uichi Ukumo.However, many points of the plot drags on longer than necessary, the Karma system is strained, and the user interface is lackluster.Developer Hyde has a spark of a good idea here, but it might not last long enough to merit a sequel.

Sirus Games awarded another 8/10 – noting how the game’s problems are rolled over and trampled on by its greatness:

“Overall, Digimon Survive is a great game and has the potential to be a unique storytelling game for Digimon fans. With the use of a light novel system and its blending with style elements RPG, I really believe that this game can appeal not only to Digimon fans but also to gamers.”

And GamerBraves went so far as to award the game 9/10 – calling it “the best Digimon game ever” but also one of the best Visual Novel mystery titles:

“If you are a fan of previous Digimon games, you should know that this is NOT a JRPG. This is not a heavy JRPG like World 2 Where 3, DS of the world, dawn of the world/Dusk Where Cyber ​​Detective. It’s also not a raise simulator like the original World, Re: Digitize Where Next order. It is first a Visual Novel, then an SRPG. Sure, I’d love a new JRPG or revival simulator, but To survive is such an incredible story-driven experience worth the development hell it was in.”

When more reviews are published, we will add them to this roundup. What do you think of Digimon Survive so far? Are you enjoying your time in the digital world? Leave a comment below.


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