Pokemon Fans Mistake Paldea’s New Gym Leader Grusha For A Woman

When the Pokémon Presents stream first introduced a new Ice-type Gym Leader, many fans thought the trainer, Grusha, was a girl. But official documents eventually revealed that the Glaseado Gym leader is actually a man who uses pronouns. Some fans were surprised when they realized their new Poké-crush wasn’t the genre that appealed to them. And I have no choice but to laugh.

The Pokemon The Twitter account revealed that Grusha is a professional snowboarder and that he generally has a cool head, except during battles. masculine pronouns confused some fans who thought they had a female gym leader reveal, but most fans were receptive to his pronouns so far. Other, more excited fans had a personal meltdown.

Bisexual Pokemon Fans Neverthelesswere completely unfazed. Others seem to have come to their gay awakening. “If Grusha [is] a guy calls me gay then,” said one twitter user. Another one fan was excited for more players to join the gay agenda via a cute gym leader: “grusha fr is giving so many people an unexpected gay wake up call you love to see.”

The devil works fast, but NSFW Pokemon fan artists work faster. Half of the explicit fanart I’ve seen had featured Grusha with a curvy body (Seriouslydon’t see them on one work machine). An artist lamented that their NSFW fanart was out of canon: “I SPEED DRAW GRUSHA WITH FAT TITS ONLY TO FIND OUT IT’S A GUY WHEN I’M ALMOST DONE WITH THE GOD DAMN PIECE.” another artist adamantly refused to let silly he/him pronouns stop them from drawing Grusha fanart with huge badonkers. More power for them!

Big tits or small tits, all Grushas are good. Transmasculine Grusha would definitely be able to put a ton of boobage under that heavy winter coat. So we should all stop worrying about his gender and think more about whether or not he will be a tough gym leader to beat.


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