Oatly almond milk among 53 products recalled for bacterial infection


The recall includes Oatly’s Oat-Milk Barista Edition. An earlier version misidentified it as almond milk.

The maker of Oatly and other specialty drinks has issued a recall for 53 of its products due to potential microbial contamination, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Lyons Magnus, based in Fresno, Calif., issued the voluntary recall after preliminary analysis showed they did not meet commercial sterility standards, increasing the risk of contamination from Cronobacter sakazakii. Although no illnesses have been reported in connection with the issue, the agency advises against consuming any of the products.

The recall extends to various protein shakes, coffee products and other beverages, including Oatly’s Oat-Milk Barista Edition, Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee with Oat Milk and Aloha Plant-Based Protein Shakes, as well as offers from Lyons , Glucerna, Pirq, Intelligentsia, Kate Farms, Premier Protein, MRE and Imperial.

Although cronobacter infections are rare, vulnerable populations and immunocompromised people are more likely to get sick. Common symptoms include fever, vomiting, and urinary tract infections.

Cronobacter has been found in sick or dead infants after consuming formula from an Abbott factory in Michigan. Although the illnesses could not be traced to the factory and the company said the bacteria linked to the illnesses did not originate there, the factory was shut down for months after the FDA ruled. cited unsanitary conditions, leading to a nationwide attack. formula milk shortage.

None of the products in the Lyons recall are intended for infants.

The FDA has released a list of lot codes and specific product codes to identify the recalled products, which have been distributed nationwide. More information can be found at or by calling the company’s Recall Helpline at 800-627-0557.


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