New video series looks at the pathetic influencers of the manosphere

YouTuber CC Suarezwho calls out scammers and sleazeballs on his channel, has just launched a new series of videos called “Manosphere Mondays”.

Here’s how CC presents the series:

The interwebs also have a bunch of different layers, the worst of which is probably the manosphere. Now it’s a dark, sad, very tacky place I guess, full of loud, unintelligent men who will always yell at you for no reason. You can guarantee that 90% of the time they will yell at you, 90% of the time, every time. You’ll be accosted by silk shirts they refuse to button more than half way, horrible advice, misogynistic rants, daddy issues, mommy issues, gaslighting, projection, very stench fixed from refusing to have any kind of rational conversation, depreciation of assets, fast cars, bottomless cigars, and of course, what every man needs to really show that he is a man with guns . Now, in this series, we’re going to cover the many manosphere influencers we’re going to react to by roasting, debunking much of their content and my favorite of them all, inevitably pissing off a lot of their followers.


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