Nagaland civilian murders: Konyak civil culture teams extend 10-day last offer to govt

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Nagaland noncombatant killings: Konyak civil society groups expand 10-day last chance to govt

Amidst a delay in the launch of the Special Examination Team (SIT) report on the murders in the Oting town of Mon area, Nagaland, the Konyak Civil Culture Organisations (CSOs) claimed that its non-cooperation against the Army will proceed until justice is delivered. The tribal body also expanded its demand, served on the government demanding justice, by 10 days with result from January 15.

As many as 14 private citizens were eliminated in shooting incidents by protection pressures in Nagaland’s Mon area on December 4 and 5 last year.The choice was taken throughout a conference held on Friday by a number of organisations including Konyak Union( KU), Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong( KNSK), as well as Konyak Students’Union (KSU). Throughout the meeting, the Konyak CSOs embraced a number of resolutions.ALSO READ: Civilian murders: Naga team ENPO declares non-cooperation with militaries In a joint press statement released by Konyak Union, KNSK and also Konyak Trainees’Union stated that, versus

the backdrop of the murder of 14 innocent Naga young people on December 4 and also 5, 2021 by the 21 Special Para Commandos and with the expiration of its thirty day demand on January 10, the all Konyak Summit held on January 14 had actually taken on several resolutions.”The 30-day demand provided by the Konyak people would be extended for 10 days with result from January 15. Stopping working which, the tribe will abstain from all nationwide events within its customary territory as recommended by the Eastern Nagaland Individuals’s Organisation(ENPO ),” stated journalism statement of Konyak CSOs.The Eastern Nagaland Individuals’s Organisation(ENPO )is the apex body of 6 Naga people in five districts- Mon, Tuensang, Longleng, Kiphire, as well as Noklak.ALSO READ: Nagaland firing: Kanyak CSOs

permit India Military to perform inquiry, but without arms, attires The Konyak top had fixed for advancement of the Genocide Park on the very website that was required by the Konyak CSOs and also allocated by the District administration. Even more, all remains of the December

4, 2021 event at Oting Yatong will certainly be brought to Mon Community and also will certainly be maintained at the recommended Genocide Park.”In accordance to the Eastern Nagaland Peoples ‘Organisation (ENPO)Resolution adopted in Longleng on December 14, the ‘Non-Collaboration’ proclaimed against the Indian Armed Forces will stand in force till justice is provided.

The Konyaks once more declare their stance/demands as sent to the President of India, which plainly mentioned that ‘all ranking and also files associated with the murder of 14 innocent Konyak youth on 4 and also 5 December, 2021 should be prosecuted in the relevant civil court as well as ‘justice taken report has to be brought before the public domain name’. The summit also settled that all marked Army camps within Mon area located within the noncombatant lived in location should transferred,”reviewed journalism declaration authorized by Howing Konyak, president of Konyak Union, Ponglem Konyak, president of KNSK(Mothers Organization)as well as Noklem Konyak, president of KSU.They also demanded that the Special Investigation Group(SIT)as well as the Army’s Court of Query Certified report have to be shown to the Konyak Union for perusal.ALSO READ: Nagaland shooting: Konyak civil liberties body proclaims’non-cooperation ‘with Army The Konyak Summit likewise supported the demand of the Eastern Nagaland Trainees’Federation’s (ENSF)in its memorandum submitted to the Prime Preacher on December 24 and also your home likewise solved and recommended upon the Konyak CSOs to initiate open tabletalks at the greater level for prompt justice and option basing upon its demand and also its early laws

that is served on December 13. The Nagaland federal government had comprised a SIT to probe the killing of 14 civilians in Mon district.On the other hand, the Naga Students’Federation(NSF )interested the SIT to expedite its investigation and make its report public, when lawful procedures are completed.Earlier, Indian Army Principal Gen Naravane on January 12 claimed that the Indian Army’s investigation right into the murder of 14 private citizens in Mon area will be completed

within two days and also erring Army personnel will certainly be taken in conformity with the law.ALSO READ: Nagaland shooting: Most recent physical violence and its relate to demand for Nagalim|Clarified Published at Sat, 15 Jan 2022 14:54:15 -0500


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