Monica Lewinsky urges Beyoncé to remove her name from ‘Sheet Music’ lyrics

Monica Lewinsky has a request.

After Beyonce denied a word from her latest album about ableist concerns, the 49-year-old suggested the singer go a step further and drop her name from her hit ‘Sheet Music’.

“uhmm, while we’re at it… #Sheet music,” she tweeted on August 1calling the 2013 song from the Beyonce album in which the singer recalled that a man “Monica Lewinsky had everything on my dress.”

The racy lyrics refer to the big deal Between President Bill Clinton and a then-21-year-old Lewinski, which led to the president’s famous denial and Accused in 1998.

This is not the first time that Lewinski—who has “muse of the rap song” wrote in her Twitter bio – addressed the unwanted named gout. In an essay she wrote for vanity lounge in 2014, she actually thanked Beyoncé for including her in the song, but offered a correction.

Miley Cyrus refers to me in his twerking scene number, Eminem raps about me, and Beyoncé’s latest hit has me screaming. Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re speaking verbally, I think you meant “Bill Clinton had it all on my dress” not “Monica Lewinsky.”


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