Kanye West’s fifth divorce lawyer decides to quit

The relationship between Ye and his ex-lawyer is “irretrievably broken”

Kanye West's fifth divorce lawyer decides to quit

Posted on August 05, 2022

The sixth time is a charm? In the midst of her divorce of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West lost his fifth divorce lawyer, once again leaving him without a lawyer.

At a pre-trial conference for the estranged couple on Friday, Aug. 5, Samantha Spector, Ye’s ex-lawyer, asked a Los Angeles court judge to replace her as West’s attorney. . She cited her “irretrievably broken” relationship with her client, but did not explain why their correspondence broke down. [via TMZ].

Although Spector set a date next week to sever legal ties with West, the judge immediately granted her request, meaning she is immediately relieved of being his attorney. As of press time, West is without legal representation for his divorce.

Reports of West and Kardashian’s split originally surfaced in January 2021. Since then, West has been involved in a multitude of controversiesmany of which are related to his repeated harassment of pete davidsonby Kardashian new partner.

While the couple have been considered legally single since March, they still have to work out a few custody and property issues. Their divorce trial is currently scheduled for December 14.


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