Jimmy Garoppolo cleared, but won’t practice as 49ers seek trade

NFL training camps are already in full swing, but there’s still one important domino to fall. San Francisco 49ers strategist Jimmy Garoppolo is looking for a new one after undergoing off-season surgery.

The 49ers made it clear that Garoppolo would be traded before the start of the regular season. The committed team at second-year quarterback Trey Lance at the start of training camp, signaling that Garoppolo’s run in San Francisco was over.

Although Garoppolo is finally healthy, the team will limit him to training on the side.

The 49ers probably don’t want to create competition between Garoppolo and Lance and don’t want to risk Garoppolo getting hurt in practice.

While some teams could benefit from having Garoppolo under center, a trade may prove difficult for the 49ers. The team can take a significant chunk out of Garoppolo’s salary if they cut him before Week 1. Opposing teams know this and might wait until Garoppolo hits the market before suing him.

Notable resisters of the camp


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