Get ready to pay more for Samsung Galaxy S23 in Europe, Korea

Increasing component prices and inflation means that Samsung may have to increase the prices of its high-end phones. A few days ago, it was revealed that the company might not increase the prices of its phones with the Galaxy S23 series in the US. However, it looks like it may increase the pricing of its flagship phones in other parts of the world, including Australia, Europe, and South Korea.

Galaxy S23 will be almost as costly as Galaxy S20 in Australia, Europe, Korea

According to tipster Roland Quandt, the Galaxy S23’s pricing will start at €959 for the 8GB RAM + 128GB storage variant in Spain. The Galaxy S23+ will start at €1,209 for the 8GB RAM + 256GB storage, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a starting price of €1,409. If this information is correct, the base Galaxy S23 is €100 more expensive than the vanilla Galaxy S22. In Benelux and Germany, where taxes are lower, the base Galaxy S23 can be had for €949.

The base variant of the Galaxy S23+ will be €150 more expensive than the 256GB Galaxy S22+. You are getting double the base storage with the upcoming phone. The base variant of the Galaxy S22+ had 128GB storage, while the Galaxy S23+ will have a minimum of 256GB storage.

The  Galaxy S23 Ultra is €150 more expensive than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, you are getting double the base storage. The Galaxy S22 Ultra started at 128GB, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra has 256GB minimum storage. There is a 1TB version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but there’s no information on its pricing.

In Benelux and Germany, though, the base Galaxy S23 Ultra variant will be sold for €1,399, while the base Galaxy S23+ will cost €1,199. Here’s the Galaxy S23 series’ pricing for Spain, where taxes are higher:

Galaxy S23

8GB+128GB: €959
8GB+256GB: €1,019

Galaxy S23+

8GB+256GB: €1,209
8GB+512GB: €1,329

Galaxy S23 Ultra

8GB+256GB: €1,409
12GB+512GB: €1,589

In Australia, the 128GB Galaxy S23 will carry a price tag of AU$1,350 (~$959), while the 256GB version could cost AU$1,450 (~$1,030). The 256GB version of the Galaxy S23+ will reportedly cost AU$1,650 (~$1,172), while the Galaxy S23 Ultra could be priced at AU$1,950 (~$1,385) for its base variant, at least according to a previous leak. In South Korea, too, Samsung is increasing the prices of its high-end phones, starting with the Galaxy S23 series.

Here’s the leaked pricing of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra in South Korea (via @GaryeonHan):

Galaxy S23

8GB+128GB: NA
8GB+256GB: KRW 1,155,000 (~$937)
8GB+512GB: KRW 1,276,000 (~$1,036)

Galaxy S23+

8GB+256GB: KRW 1,353,000 (~$1,099)
8GB+512GB: KRW 1,474,000 (~$1,199)

Galaxy S23 Ultra

8GB+256GB: KRW 1,599,400 (~$1,299)
12GB+512GB: KRW 1,720,400 (~$1,399)

Samsung Galaxy S23 Price South Korea

Image of Galaxy S23

SamsungGalaxy S23

Image of Galaxy S23 Plus

SamsungGalaxy S23 Plus

Image of Galaxy S23 Ultra

SamsungGalaxy S23 Ultra


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