Elden Ring Hits Lowest Price Ever On PC

Elden Ring won all sorts of accolades in 2022, including GameSpot’s Game of the Year Award. If you haven’t picked up the open-world epic, now’s your chance to grab it for cheap. Fanatical is discounting Elden Ring to just $37.19 as part of its Winter Sale. The deal won’t stick around long, so swing by and check it out soon.

This is the lowest price we’ve seen for Elden Ring on PC. It’s unlikely it’ll dip this low again for a while, so if you have any interest in the brutally difficult RPG, it’d be best to cash in on this deal while you can. As an added bonus, Fanatical is throwing in a 5% off voucher for your next purchase along with a free indie game.

Elden Ring is arguably the best game From Software has ever created. It takes the challenging combat mantra of Dark Souls and deftly merges it with an open world, letting you tackle its many obstacles as you see fit. Our Elden Ring review called it a “triumph in design” and awarded it a rare 10/10.

“In a genre that has become wrought with bloated and over-designed games, Elden Ring is defiantly contrarian in almost every way,” wrote critic Tamoor Hussain. “Elden Ring takes the shards of what came before and forges them into something that will go down in history as one of the all-time greats: a triumph in design and creativity, and an open-world game that distinguishes itself for what it doesn’t do as much as what it does.”

If you’re not sold on Elden Ring, be sure to check out the rest of the Fanatical Winter Sale, which is offering massive price reductions on hundreds of popular games.

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