EA patented system that generates in-game content material and advertisements based mostly in your taking part in fashion

ahead trying: Many individuals fall into particular classes once they play the sport: an explorer who explores each inch of the map; A perfectionist who must earn each trophy; A Leroy Jenkins-type who strikes quick in each battle. EA is aware of this and has filed a patent that may decide a participant’s sort and generate in-game content material based mostly on this data. Being Digital Arts, it’s going to even be used to point out advertisements based mostly on their taking part in fashion.

The Particular person Pushed Dynamic Content material Framework patent, initially noticed by Op Assault (through Exper/VGC) in April, describes a solution to decide a ‘participant persona’ based mostly on out there gameplay data. These people embrace “investigator,” “competitor,” “collector,” “help,” “combatant,” “tank/lead,” “commander,” and “perfectionist.” Curiously, gameplay kinds could be tracked throughout a number of video games, not only one.

A part of the patent particularly describes the system utilizing a set playstyle to dynamically construct the sport for that participant, maybe by including or subtracting extra enemies, puzzles, or loot drops. One other chance is giving sure character traits or objects that complement a play fashion.

There’s a less-appealing-sounding different to the knowledge utilized in what seems like a focused advert. It would suggest one other recreation that fits a specific taking part in fashion, maybe a title like Bullet Hell or Soul for somebody who retains their heads bowed in a tricky battle, for instance. Or maybe it’s going to recommend shopping for a selected merchandise or piece of DLC based mostly in your persona.

Not all patents expire in the true world, however it appears to be one thing with the potential to profit avid gamers and firms. EA’s patent pledge permits different builders to make use of 5 of its patents with out the danger of being sued, so the expertise might someday develop into a typical function in video games.

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