Did the morgue attendant use corpse testicles to win a spaghetti contest?

An Illinois morgue attendant named Linda Anders used cadaver testicles to help win an annual spaghetti contest.

At the end of July 2022, readers sent quite a few messages asking us to know if a gruesome-sounding article was true. It was published on July 27, 2022 on with the title “Morgue Assistant Uses Testicles From Corpses To Help Win Annual Spaghetti Cook-Off”. He named the supposed Illinois morgue attendant as 41-year-old Linda Anders.

Despite the somewhat official local news feel that might seem to have, the truth is that the website carries a satirical disclaimer.

Part of the history of spaghetti cooking read as follows:

Carterville, Illinois – Linda Anders, 41, had competed in the annual Carterville Spaghetti Contest for the past 12 years. In those twelve years, the highest she had placed was 2nd and Linda knew that 2nd was just the first loser. For 2022 and number 13 in the lucky charm contest, Linda used a secret ingredient that she was sure would give her that extra edge and earn her the blue ribbon she so craved.

Anders worked as a mortuary assistant for Williamson County. For the 11 months leading up to the cooking, Linda collected testicles from deceased adult men. She would slice them, dice them, and sew them back together without attracting attention. And who was going to notice a dead man’s missing balls anyway?

In the satirical story, the mortuary assistant was eventually arrested after a spaghetti-tasting judge realized he was chewing on a “prosthetic testicle”.

“About Us” from page displays the following disclaimer which describes its output as satire:

KVTA4 is a fabricated satirical newspaper and comedy website. KVTA4 uses made-up names in all of its stories, except where public figures are satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

On August 1, the article was reported on by “The Wayne D Show” on Buckeye Country 94.3 on “What this morgue attendant put in her spaghetti will make you vomit,” read the headline. The article did not mention that the story was satirical.

It is unclear where the mug shot of the woman that was used in the original story on came from. However, these types of satirical articles on morgues usually reuse real ID photos for their fictional stories. It is likely that the photo ID was real, but the reason for the arrest of the woman pictured had nothing to do with a morgue attendant, cadaver testicles or spaghetti.


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