Delhi Police busts interstate gang of robbers, apprehension accused after short gunfight

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Delhi Authorities busts interstate gang of burglars, arrest charged after quick gunfight

< img src=""class ="ff-og-image-inserted" > A gang of interstate burglars were apprehended on Saturday by the Delhi Authorities after a quick gun fight in the Seemapuri location of the national capital.The team of Unique Personnel, Shahdara District broke the gang and also seized 2 swiped bikes, one pistol, 3 revolvers, 37 real-time cartridges, pepper spray, and also a hammer from their possession.With the arrest of

these four accused, the sensational break-in case of MS Park in which Rs 3 lakhs was burglarized at gunpoint from a collector in January has been cracked.After receiving a problem from the 39-year-old collector of Versha Udyog in Bawana, the group of Unique Personnel conducted an investigation.The police scanned over 1000 CCTV video cameras on the stretch of approx 120km from the scene of the crime i.e. MS Park to Khurja border )in the last one month and also developed regional knowledge prior to apprehending the robbers.They found that the base of these criminals was Khurja town, in UP’s Bulanshahr. The charged committed crimes using swiped bikes with fake number plates as well as firearms.DCP Shahdara R Sathiyasundaram said, “The CCTV video of the criminal activity scene was accumulated and also it was exposed that four persons on two Apachi Motorcycles committed

the act. The group mapped the entrance and also exit paths of the burglars as well as analysed more than 1000 CCTV cams within the radius. It was found that the supposed implicated persons originated from Khurja, Bulandshahr as well as had left away in the direction of Meerut Roadway. They used a difficult course through villages to stay clear of cops and also CCTVs.” He said,”The group adhered to the course taken by the supposed motorbikes by assessing CCTV video camera video footage one-by-one at each as well as every edge, turn and junction. Even more, technical

monitoring was mounted as well as dump information of location of case was lifted. The CDRs of greater than * 2500 numbers * were assessed to reach a contact number belonging to Khurja. Secret informers were likewise released and also neighborhood intelligence was likewise placed to recognize the implicated individuals.”After receiving a suggestion off, a catch was laid on the interfering evening of March 11-12 on 70 Futa Roadway, Seemapuri.When the charged individuals got to the area, they were challenged, which was retaliated as well as a brief exchange of fire with cops occurred. In the experience, two implicated individuals suffered bullet injuries. The team of Special Personnel collared all the implicated persons. Accordingly, a different case of effort to murder as well as other appropriate areas of law has actually been signed up versus the implicated persons.During examination, it was exposed that the accused, Hari Kishan, Vikram Singh, Subham Choudhary and Dev Kumar are specialist burglars that devote criminal activities for gravy train and also maintain loaded weapons as well as ammunition.The implicated made use of to put together in Khurja, Uttar Pradesh and

mostly committed crimes away from their house town in order to hide their identification. They make use of stolen motorcycles in the compensation of criminal activity. They are well aware of the technical monitoring as they always switch off their cellphones whenever they delegate devote any robbery as well as turn them on when they reach back home.These accused individuals are recognized to lawbreakers as well as have previously discharged at the general public or authorities during the payment of crime.Published at Sat, 12 Mar 2022 15:39:37 -0500


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