Calls to DC’s Suicide Prevention Lifeline Doubled Since Pandemic Began – NBC4 Washington

D.C. officials urged residents to pay attention to their mental health and that of friends and relatives as the calls to the District’s suicide prevention lifeline have more than doubled since the pandemic began.

“If you’re not feeling well – and that doesn’t mean you have a diagnosis or it doesn’t mean you have been assigned a provider – if you’re not feeling like yourself, please reach out and ask for help, because we know we all want to be mentally strong to deal with a very tough world,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said.

Nebah Bright, who does outreach in her community, wants other teens to know it’s OK to ask for help.

“Reach out to your peers for help, because we know firsthand what it’s like to be teenagers in this world, and it’s pretty crazy,” she said.

Since the launch of 988 as a nationwide suicide hotline, the District has seen the number of calls dramatically increase.

In February 2020, the District’s hotline received 65 calls in that one month. Last month, that number was 184 calls for help.

Department of Behavioral Health Director Dr. Barbara J. Bazron said there does not seem to be a link between the holidays and suicide.

“All of the data that has been collected that suicide does not go up during the holiday season,” she said.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or reach out to the Crisis Text Line by texting ‘Home’ to 741741, anytime.


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