Battlefield 2042’s Next Update Will Give Everyone Beards

Assaulted multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042which hasn’t exactly been the success that EA hoped for, will take another step towards creating a real video game this week with the release of its next update.

Although the game was rightly criticized by fans (and non-fans), I’ve always had a thing for it, partly because the stuff I like in a Battlefield the game has been there since launchbut also because this game, developed in part during the worst months of the pandemic,was clearly nowhere near is done when publishers EA rushed him out the door.

DICE developers have thus basically had to spend the months since launch…finishing the game, adding things like dashboards and additional UI that under less hellish circumstances would have just been part of the regular development process and been with Battlefield 2042 during launch.

The Game Season 1 Update made a lot of players happy because it just brought the game closer to what they expected in October 2021and Update 1.2, which will be released tomorrow August 2, is getting even closer.

It introduces some fixes for the lowest card in the game (Kaleidoscope), finally gives gamers a lifetime stats page (allowing you to track things like your K:D ratio, games played, etc.) and perhaps most notable, makes the first of a certain number of “Style and tone changes for in-game specialists.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists, characters similar to what you would choose in other shooters like, say, Apex Legendsare a first for the series, and were quite poorly received, not only for the changes they made to the structure of the game (replacing the traditional classes like Medic), but for the way their cocky swagger and cheesy one-liners were at odds with the game’s dark climatic apocalypse setting.

Dice’s first move to solve this problem was to simply silence them, so the characters don’t shout anymore catchphrases during endgame summaries, but the next step here will be to make them all a bit more appropriate for the setting. This means they all have to look generally more tired, dirty and haggard, and in the case of male specialists, give them beards. And if they already had a beard, give them After beard, and some extra wrinkles to boot. Here is an overview of the changes:

The two guys on the left were clean shaven, now they have beards.  The guy on the right, Pyotr, used to have a beard, but now it's more bearded.

The two guys on the left were clean shaven, now they have beards. The guy on the right, Pyotr, used to have a beard, but now it’s more bearded.
Image: OF

I like it, everyone indeed looks a bit more appropriate for the setting. I will say though, as someone who Mackay—for gameplay reasons, not aesthetics—I was hoping for a bit more improvement considering his original look (Guy Who Stans Elon Musk Under Tesla Car Reviews On YouTube) has now been transformed into Guy Who Thinks Wrestling Is Too Woke Now.

The update will also introduce other smaller nerfs and gameplay changes, and you can read all about it. here.


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